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In 2018, two men from Lincoln, Vermont, population 1,323, set out to fulfill a dream of bringing New England-style IPA to the South. We are rather fortunate that their aspirations brought them to Hilton Head Island, where Lincoln & South was born.

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The father-son team of Tom and Ryan were just as determined as they were inspired. Good thing, too. “Most people would have quit,” Tom says. “We just kept going,” Ryan adds.

April 2018

How We Got Started

Tom and Ryan decide to put two of their favorite things together: Vermont-style craft beer and Hilton Head Island. The family always vacationed in Hilton Head Island, and Ryan went to SCAD in Savannah. What this coastal world was missing, they concluded, was the kind of beer – and the atmosphere for enjoying it – that they left back home in Vermont.

July 2019

We Get the Gear

Tom and Ryan brave the 100-degree midsummer heat of Missouri to decommission, dismantle, and transport the equipment of Rock Creek Brewery. They turn out to be the first to break the news. Seems the owner sold the brewery and forgot to tell his team.

April 2020

Another Building

Improvements in our first building were not forthcoming, so we packed it up and moved to “the blue building” outside Palmetto Dunes. There was some misunderstanding there about the parking required to host our customers in the style we aimed for.

June 2020

Home at Last

We secure the right spot in the end. Easy reach, yet off the beaten path on Island Drive. Shade and space for enjoying beer, music, art, and each other outdoors. A building that could handle all we were about to do with it.

April 2021

We Formulate the Lineup

Determined to appeal to “rotating taste buds” with continual invention and brew formulation, we started with the core lineup: A single IPA, a double IPA, and a lighter choice – a Pilsner, we decided.

Hearts & Arrows NE IPA

Our single IPA was named during Ryan’s search for an engagement ring. “The jeweler told us to value balance and symmetry in a diamond, to look in its brilliance for hearts and arrows.” Good idea for an IPA. Good name, too.

Three Thumbs Up Double IPA

Our double IPA was named for a good buddy’s favorite phrase for his highest praise. “If he enjoyed something over the top, better than excellent, my friend would say, ‘Three thumbs up,’” Tom says. “We sampled our double IPA and thought of that immediately.”

Beach City Pilsner

Light and refreshing, our first pilsner made us think of what we would enjoy on a day at the beach. Beach City Road seemed to carry with it all that casual relaxation, along with the anytime feel of folks who live in walking distance of the shore.

August 2021

We Open Grand

Aging and lagering our first batches from April through June, we are ready for our grand opening in August. We begin our relationships with local musical artists, such as Corey Tate, John Cranford, and Sara Burns. The celebration never really stopped.

November 2021

Adding Hard Seltzer

After formulating more than 20 brews, we turn to creating a hard seltzer. Why? “People don’t always drink beer,” Ryan reminds us. A hard seltzer gives us a gluten-free option, because seltzer doesn’t involve wheat or malt. “It’s couple-friendly, too,” Tom adds.


The story of Lincoln & South is the quintessential feel-good story. Want to share it with your audience? Tom, Ryan, and the gang are available for interviews, tours, and sharing the story of how to Lincoln, Vermont, boys ended up in the South.




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