What’s true in all the beers we brew at Lincoln & South is this: We put the taste above everything else we do. What we find and what we believe is that everything good about beer begins with that: The taste.

Seems a simple enough idea, and so we can’t help having a chuckle occasionally when we see how seriously the brewing industry took the other factors.

From image to packaging to “mouth feel,” you can depend on it that somewhere, some big brewer has researched the daylights out of it. All too often, their focus and research is on everything other than taste.

We prefer seeing in person, here at our Hilton Head Island brewery on Island Drive, how the taste works for people who came here because they simply love beer.

That Includes the Brewers

The reason we get along so well with the people who find their way to Lincoln & South is that we share this in common. We love beer, too. That’s why we made it our life’s work. We took our favorite work and put it in our favorite place, here on one of the Carolina sea islands, so that the setting would live up to the taste.

Our tap room at Lincoln & South gives us a chance to see and hear how the different tastes of our brews are going over. It looks and feels like anything but research – more like a cross between a pub and a family room. In there, and out on the patio, we spend time with the people who self-select Lincoln & South, so we drink in what they see and think and feel about our brews, the way brewers did in the beginning, first-hand and face to face.

What’s Next

Beer is known to nurture some fertile frames of mind. When folks relax, they see things differently. Everything from friendship to romance, from excitement to enterprise, from funny to profound, seems to flow easier over a beer. We think that’s one reason people have been brewing beer since before there was an alphabet.

Sometimes, over a beer, folks start to talk about what’s next. What would we like to see, what would we enjoy that we don’t have yet? In moments such as these, a new brew from Lincoln & South occasionally is born.

What If

One of those “what ifs” came to the canning line recently. Sea Foam is a triple IPA inspired by the refreshing taste of a mimosa. Citrus and bubbles and alcohol team up with the flavor of an IPA to make a tangerine-infused taste that reminds some of us of game day, or a brunch celebration, or an outdoor party with friends.

As a triple IPA, Sea Foam brings with it 10% alcohol by volume, so the time-honored potency of the IPA is completely carried on, and then some.

The quest for taste, the ability to keep things new, even in a field full of tradition, continues to bring wonderful things to life here at Lincoln & South. Stop in and have a taste around.