It’s all about the beer. And the beer is all about the taste. Still, there can be more to it. One of the wonderful things about beer drinking is where people do it and what else they enjoy while they’re doing it. To that end, we give some thought at Lincoln & South to creating a scene for enjoying our beer at its best.

Fresh is not only the nature of the beer in our tap room and out on our patio, but also the nature of the talent we gather to perform there.

Thanks to the balmy, subtropical climate that attracted us Vermonters in the first place, Hilton Head Island turns out to be a magnet for talent in the performing arts, too.

We like to support that, and we love to host those artists here at Lincoln & South.

Broadway and Sunset and Island Drive

Turns out that the musicians and singer-songwriters and actors and comedians who light up New York and Nashville and Hollywood enjoy our island life as much as we do. And so, Hilton Head Island lures them here. A lot of the people who live on Hilton Head Island have been everywhere and seen most everything, and still, they remark on how thick our island is with performing talent. A friend who migrated here from New York said that when he stepped out from the first play he witnessed at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, he expected to see Checker Cabs outside instead of palm trees. Our home is that magnetic.

Seeing this wealth of talent locally, we decided to host and present it here at Lincoln & South. Whether you call it our patio, our veranda, our deck, or our back porch, the venue we provide gives performers and the people who enjoy them a perfect spot to do that – and a welcome break from the big-time with no loss of quality.

Some Favorites to Begin

We expect the list will grow gradually as we explore the many possibilities. A few examples of the artists and performers who have delighted our gatherings here at Lincoln & South so far include some genuine local favorites.

John Cranford and Eric Reid – the guitar and fiddle and vocals of the noted Lowcountry band Cranford Hollow, has performed here. We look forward to seeing them back here on Island Drive and so do the fortunate folks who were here for their set. We hold a door open for new talent, too, with open-mike nights emceed by Derrick Ludaway.

Noted Lowcountry singer-songwriter Sara Burns has performed here at Lincoln & South. In a recent week, our musical guests included Brad Wells, Campfire Tyler, Sam Kader, Corey Tate, and Mark Anthony. So, you can see, as in our beers, variety is not a problem.

We think the best way to make a beer your own is to know where it was made and who it came from.

That’s one reason we like to make it as fun as possible to visit us here at the Lincoln & South brewery on Island Drive. There’s no fresher place to enjoy crafted, locally brewed beers – and the local talent that surrounds them.